FREE Pizza w/ $25 Blaze Pizza Gift Card

Blaze Pizza is offering a FREE Pizza Pass with the purchase of $25 in Gift Cards for a limited time. You have the option to purchase egift cards or a classic gift card that is shipped to you. The Pizza Pass can be redeemed for any pizza and is valid from Jan 1 to Feb 28, 2019.


Burger King Whopper for 1-Cents & Crispy Chicken Sandwich for $1

Burger King is offering their Whopper for 1-cents through their iOS or Android app for a limited time. To get this deal, you must be within 600 feet of a McDonalds to unlock the offer and then you will be able to place a mobile order through the app for pickup at your nearest Burger King location.

Burger King is also offering their Crispy Chicken Sandwich for $1 again through their mobile app and it’s located in the Coupons Section. [Store Locator]