Sony DASH HID-C10 Personal Internet Device for $89.99 and Amazon has the Sony DASH – Personal Internet Device (Wifi/7″ Touch Screen), model no. HID-C10, for $89.99 (199.99 – 110 coupon) with Free Shipping for a limited time.

The Sony Dash personal internet viewer uses over 1000 free apps and Wi-Fi connection to constantly deliver your favorite parts of the internet all at a glance. You can access always-fresh content with the touch of a finger even in the kitchen, bedroom or office, without being tethered to your PC. Listening to internet radio or your favorite MP3s by way of built-in speakers or the headphone jack, viewing photos and videos on the 7″ color touch screen via USB from online services such as Photobucket and YouTube, as well as checking the status updates and new postings from your friends and family or viewing email are easy and convenient through the Dash viewer. It is also equipped with a clock so you can wake up to your favorite apps, music or built-in alarm sounds. With its small footprint, the Sony Dash personal internet viewer is the perfect addition to your kitchen countertop. You can manage your family calendar, check weather and traffic, play games or even access daily recipes to get a meal idea through a variety of apps. When you’re not actively engaged, the dash viewer can display photos from your online Photobucket account or USB drive as a living room addition. Get the Sony Dash personal internet viewer and enjoy the entertainment at your fingertips everywhere.

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