23andMe Complete Edition DNA Test for $49 w/ 1 Year Personal Genome Service Purchase – EXP 8/9/2011

23andMe is offering its Complete Edition DNA Test for $49 (w/o commitment: 399, w/ service: 199 – 100 instant savings – 50 coupon) for a limited time. This kit requires a 1 year contract to Personal Genome Service subscription at $9/month, bring the total cost of the kit to $157. Shipping adds $14.95. To get discount, use the coupon code: BG6HQY at checkout. Deal expires August 9, 2011.

This package includes a full ancestry and health report. With a simple saliva sample we’ll help you gain insight into your traits, from baldness to muscle performance. Discover risk factors for 97 diseases. Know your predicted response to drugs, from blood thinners to coffee. And uncover your ancestral origins. Upon completion of test, both full ancestry and health report are downloadable. The Personal Genome Service subscription allows you to get updated reports on your DNA as new findings are discovered, access to your uninterpreted SNP data, discounts on future platforms, secure storage of your DNA for future testing (optional), and alerts when relatives are discovered (optional).


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