Blue Microphones Eyeball HD Webcam for $22.99

Beach Camera through has the Blue Microphones Eyeball HD Webcam with Mic for $22.99 (99.99 – 77% instant savings) with Free Shipping for a limited time.

The Eyeball is a revolutionary new webcam with HD-quality audio and video. Perfect for instant messaging, video conferencing, social networking and more, the Eyeball features Blue’s famous pro-quality condenser capsule, giving it better sound than any webcam in the market. On top of that, we’ve added Super HD video to complete the picture, giving you an awesome visual experience.

Like all Blue products, the Eyeball features several unique design features. The Eyeball’s retractable camera lens preserves your privacy and ensures that the Eyeball turns itself off when you aren’t broadcasting. The custom-designed monitor adapter makes it simple to position it on virtually any laptop or desktop monitor. And, the Eyeball’s integrated design and compact size make it perfect for on-the-go use when you leave your desk.

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