Bose AE2i Over-Ear Audio Headphones for $139

Bose AE2i Over-Ear Audio Headphones has the Bose AE2i Over-Ear Audio Headphones with Inline Remote/Mic, model no. 345444-0010, for $139 (229.95 – 90.95 instant savings) with Free Shipping for limited time.

The Bose AE2i Around-Ear Audio Headphones with Mic and Remote offer outstanding audio quality in an extremely lightweight, comfortable design. Whether listening to your home stereo system, video game system, portable music player, or smartphone, the Bose AE2i headphones put you into the sonic experience.

Acoustic equalization techniques and proprietary TriPort headphone structure deliver all the nuances that other headphones often miss, with smooth natural sound and deep lows without using artificial bass boosters.

The cushioned, around-ear design along with the thin, adjustable headband and lightweight construction allow you to listen for hours while barely noticing your headphones. When you do notice them, you’ll take pride in the sleek, stylish design. Because they sit over the ears, the headphones provide a high degree of natural sound isolation, helping to block out unwanted ambient noise.

The single-sided cable resists tangles and is detachable for easy replacement and storage. The inline microphone and 3-button remote allow you to make phone calls, take voice notes, control playback, and adjust volume on compatible smartphones and MP3 players, such as the iPhone and iPod touch. The standard 3.5mm plug offers wide compatibility with MP3 players, CD players, laptops, and more. The fold-flat design and included carrying bag offer further flexibility as well as easy storage and transportation so you can bring your Bose experience anywhere.