OBi110 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge w/ Google Voice Support for $41.97

Amazon has the OBi110 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge for $41.97 (84.94 – 34.95 instant savings – 8.02 coupon) with Free Shipping for a limited time. To get discount, use the coupon code: 42OBI110 at checkout.

The OBi110 is perfect for customers who do not have a traditional telco phone service and want the savings and simplicity of using a VoIP service for all their calls. It has one phone port and supports Google Voice, SIP & OBiTALK VoIP services. OBi can use the web and social networking tools to bring everything and everybody together to speak freely and even for free! When it makes sense, the OBi110 can use the Internet and OBiTALK between OBi users. In this case, a traditional phone service is never needed to make the connections, but you can have it connected a line port if you would like to use interent calling (VOIP) in addition to a traditional line service. Talking becomes truly free. You can put the “social” back into social networking. So Many Features! – OBiTALK Web Portal: The OBiTALK Web Portal allows you to manage your OBi endpoints and your Circle of Trust. There is also a utility which helps OBi users configure devices for optimum savings and access applications which make using OBi even more convenient. – OBi Circles of Trust: The OBiTALK Web Portal is where you can set-up Circles of Trust. This provide a means to team-up with other people who have OBi devices and endpoints so that everyone’s calls can be made as inexpensively as possible.

OBiAPP for PC: Soft Phone Integration Works with Your Existing Services: VoIP (Google Voice and SIP). Call Forwarding on All Calls, Busy Calls, Forward on No Answer, Caller ID – Name & Number, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Block by Caller ID, Automatic Call Back,Call Return, Do Not Disturb, Conference Calling, Anonymous Calling, Message Waiting Indication – Visual and Tone Based,and  Speed Dialing.

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