iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit w/ USB Car Charger for $26.99

Hisgadget Inc through Amazon has the iClever Himbox Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit with USB Car Charger in black, silver, and blue for $26.99 (35.99 – 9 coupon) with Free Shipping for a limited time. To get the discount, use the coupon code: RJOGQU93 at checkout.

This iClever Himbox Bluetooth car kit is developed for easy installation in motor vehicles to enable hands-free operation. With this kit, you can use the car stereo system to relish the music saved in your cellphone and answer incoming calls without having to pick up your phone. As a big bonus, this car kit is equipped with a dual USB ports car charger, so while it is working you can have a digital device juiced up. It features include music player controls, Siri / voice activation, echo and noise canceling technology, built-in microphone, and built-in high-performance stereo audio codec, and automatic callback.


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