Preorder: ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Cooker for $199

ChefSteps is taking preorders for their Joule Sous Vide Cooker for $199 ($299 retail) for a limited time. It also includes ChefSteps Premium (regularly $39), an unlimited access to all of ChefSteps in-depth classes, plus any future Premium recipes, classes, or special offers. If you are already a ChefSteps Premium member, you can preorder a Joule for $180. If you don’t want a Joule but are interested in ChefSteps Premium member, they are currently offering access for only $19 (one time charge, no recurring fees) for a limited time.

Joule is the smallest, sleekest and most powerful sous vide tool on the market. It’s so small you can fit it in your top kitchen drawer, but so sleek and beautiful, you’ll want to show it off. It is controlled via a mobile app and you can keep tabs on your cooking anywhere. It has a powerful magnetic base and interchangeable clip attachments to work with all different vessels. Cleaning is easy, too: simply unscrew the base and wipe out the interior with a damp sponge. Joule is scheduled to ship May 2016.


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