Eufy BodySense Smart Scale for $35.99

eufybodysensesmartscaleEufyHome through Amazon has Eufy BodySense Smart Scale in black for $35.99 (49.99 – 14 instant savings) with Free shipping for a limited time. To get this deal, hover over the View promotion details link under the price on the product page and click the Redeem. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Eufy is a new home company from the team behind the wildly popular Anker brand. The Eufy BodySense Smart Scale works with the EufyLife app to intelligently record and organize health data. It features 4 auto-calibrating sensors to ensure that measurements are accurate and reliable. They work in conjunction to detect weight fluctuations in 0.1lb / 0.1kg increments and is FDA listed for complete reliability. Every time you step barefoot onto Smart Scale, get a diagnostic on 12 different measurements in just a few seconds, it’s one step to knowing more about your health and finding ways to improve. It syncs with Apple Helth, Google Fit, and Fitbit.


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