Today & Prime Only: ECOVACS N79S Robotic Vacuum for $169.98, Deebot 900 for $279.98

Today only, Jul 9, 2018, ECOVACS ROBOTICS through Amazon is offering it’s Prime members the ECOVACS N79S Robotic Vacuum for $169.98 (249.98 – 130 instant savings) and Ecovacs Deebot 900 Robotic Vacuum for $279.98 (399.98 – 120 instant savings) with Free Shipping for a limited time. Amazon’s Prime Day deals are exclusively for Prime Members. If You are not a Prime Member, Amazon is offering a 30-day Free trial.

The ECOVACS N79S is a robotic vacuum that is a great cleaning solution to dust and dirt build-up under furniture, all those nooks & crannies, & other hard-to-reach areas. It has an innovative helix design main-brush for a deep-reach clean, plus dual wide-reach nylon fiber side brushes and runs for up to 100 mins on a single charge and is capable of auto charging. It has a Smart Motion navigation technology that guides the ECOVACS N79S while in auto-clean mode, adapting to your home’s unique environment and is built to not drop off or collide with obstacles. The ECOVACS N79s is equipped with 2.4G Hz Wi-F which lets you control it from the convenience of your smartphone or through voice with Alexa or Google Home voice commands. The ECOVACS900 adds an advanced mapping technology and higher suction power.

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