Myfox Home Alarm Wireless Security System for $23.98

Profystore through eBay has Myfox Home Alarm Wireless Security System for $23.98 with Free Shipping for a limited time.

The Myfox home alarm starter pack includes an IntelliTAG door/window smart sensor, The Link central hub, and keyfob. The smart sensor has window vibration analysis that can tell the difference between normal events and a break-in attempt. The system provides a seamless and intuitive experience that takes less than 15 minutes to install, notifies you who is at home, and auto-disarms. Unlike traditional alarms, Myfox puts deterrence at the forefront, leading the way for the next generation of security solutions. With its IntelliTAG technology, it analyzes vibrations and distinguishes normal events from break-in attempts. It recognizes normal events, such as a ball bouncing or someone knocking on the door, reducing false alarms. When IntelliTAG identifies an intrusion attempt, such as drilling or prying with a crowbar, it triggers a powerful 110db alarm to scares the intruder away while the doors are still closed. The Myfox community feature allows you to invite a trusted social network of friends and family to watch over your home when you’re away. With the Myfox Security Channel on IFTTT and the Works with Nest integration, the Myfox system not only allows users to keep an eye on their homes wherever they may be, but also allows for seamless connected home experience. Through the Myfox Key Fob and integrations, when a user arrives home the Nest Thermostat can automatically go into Home mode, music can start playing on Echo, and more. The possibilities for a connected living are endless.

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