Prime Only: iHealth Infrared Touchless Digital Thermometer from $14.99

For Pime Day, iHealthLabs through Amazon has the iHealth Infrared Touchless Digital Thermometer model no. PT2L, for $14.99 (regularly $24.99) and their Digital Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer, model PT3, for $24.99 (regularly $34.99) for a limited time.

Amazon’s Prime Day deals are exclusively for Prime Members. If you are not a Prime member, Amazon is offering a 30-day Free trial.

iHealth PT2L Thermometer is an infrared No-Touch forehead thermometer that gives you fast and accurate temperature measurements from babies, children, adults, and the elderly. It is equipped with an advanced infrared sensor that collects data from 100 forehead data points to deliver remarkably accurate results with just a press of the button. It has a color-coded fever indicator—glowing green, yellow, or red—a large LCD screen, and easy-to-read digits allow you to know all you need to about your temperature reading the instant you see it.

The PT3 model is an award-winning design and is equipped with additional distance and environmental sensors that make possible for necessary adjustments to give you accurate readings. It also doesn’t have the LCD screen but instead has  XL large digits LED screen that displays the reading in bright white light, making it easy to see readings clearly even in total darkness.

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