Halide Mark II – Pro Camera for iPhone for FREE

Lux Optics Incorporated has Halide Mark II – Pro RAW Manual Camera for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the iOS App Store for FREE (previous version $8.99) for a limited time. The app is now membership-based As a Halide owner, you own all of its core features. It is not going away. However, they are offering a separate, *completely optional* membership so they can offer services with ongoing cost, and premium, ongoing content.

Halide is a groundbreaking camera app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. Mark II has been completely redesigned with a new interface that is simplified, yet more powerful — thanks to new gestures and thoughtful details throughout. It is even more polished than before. Of course, everything is still in easy reach with one hand — even on phones with a home button: iPhone SE users rejoice!

Halide Mark II is the first camera to capture both RAW and computational photos in one burst, in a feature they call COVERAGE. Now you can take amazing photos that leverage all the advanced photography of the latest iPhones while having a RAW in your back pocket in case you think you can do better.

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