$20 Off Cheeky Customized Night Guards

Cheeky is offering $20 off their Customized Night Guards for a limited time. Using their impressions kit, they are able create a 3D scan that to precisely replicate your impression. You can choose a one-off night guard or have a new one sent every 3 months.

I personally used Cheeky night guards and love it. I previously wore retainers and tended to grind my teeth at night (maybe due to stress), this meant that my plastic retainers were getting really damaged over time. When I inquired how much it would cost to replaced my retainers with my dentist, it was a small fortune. That’s when I found Cheeky, they look and act just like my plastic retainers but they are affordable enough to replace every few months. I clean them daily but overtime these things still attract bacteria, so it’s nice that you can replace them without breaking the bank. They are very customizable, you can choose soft or hard/soft night guards in any thickness for both the upper and lower teeth. Cheeky night guards are made with 100% FDA approved material, machinery, and processes. They are completely BPA, silicone, and latex free.

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