Danby 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner at Costco for $339.99

Costco is offer their members the Danby 8,00 BTU U-Shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner for $339.99 with Free Shipping for a limited time. This very similar if not exactly the same as the Midea U-Shaped AC ($359.99 on Amazon but constantly out of stock). I’ve owned the Media U-Shapped AC for a couple of weeks now and I love it. They are essentially a mini split systems where they have two main components, an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. They are connect at the base in this very innovated design that allows it to be installed in a window. The main benefit of these units are that they are very energy efficient and wisher quiet.

This Danby AC features 8,000 BTU that suitable for up to a350 sq. ft. space, Wifi connectivity for wireless controls, Energy Star compliant with a energy saver and sleep mode mode, 3 fan speeds, and has a sound rating as low as 39.5 decibels.

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