yeedi k650 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $119.99, Robot Vacuum & Mop w/ Self-Emptying and Smart Mapping for $359.99

Yeedi through Amazon has their k650 2000Pa Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $119.99 (179.99 – 60 instant coupon) and their more substantial 3000Pa Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self-Emptying and Smart Mapping for $359.99 (499.99 – 140 instant coupon) with Free Shipping for a limited time. To get the discount, clip the digital coupon before adding it to your cart. If you don’t see a clipble coupon, make sure listing is Sold by Yeedi.

The yeedi k650 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best review robotic vacuums for Pet Hair by Digital Trends, WIRED and Reviewed. It offers up to 2000Pa of suction power and is low on noise (as low as 56dB). It has sensors to detect Boundary Strips (sold separately) to prevent the robot from reaching places you don’t want it to clean. You can connect it to wifi and control it via a mobile app or through voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop offers powerful suction up to 3000Pa. It’s equipped with yeedi’s visual mapping technology and floor tracking sensor that can trace your space like a GPS for efficient and quick whole-floor cleaning. You can edit the map and name rooms to have a custom and efficient cleaning plan. It has a 4-stage cleaning system: sweep up dirt, crumbles, pet hair and other ground-in messes from the hard floor and carpet like a hurricane. It is equipped with ultrasonic carpet detection sensors, which makes it aware of the know-how of floor cleaning – It vacuums with cranked-up suction power and avoids mopping when a carpet is detected, and be quiet when on a hard floor. You can have it mop or robust vacuuming and serious mopping at the same time. It goes back to it’s charging station when it’s done and can self-empty it’s dustbin into the dust bag to free you from frequent dustbin emptying. With a capacity of 1.5L and a sealing design, yeedi’s dust bag holds up to 30 days of dirt.

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