eufy Smart Lock Video Doorbell for $229 on Kickstarter

eufy through KickStarter is offering their eufy Smart Lock Video Doorbell for $229 (will retail for $399.99) for a limited time. Shipping adds $20. I normally don’t post Kickstarter campaigns which lead me to missed this when it was first posted with the early bird pricing of $199 ($20 less than the price it’s being offered for now) but it from all the reviews, it seems this product is very likely to ship soon wit very little risk. Back a Kickstarter campaign is not a traditional preorder and still holds some risk. This product is expected to ship in May 2022.

The eufy video smart lock is a 3 devices in one. It combines a security camera with a video doorbell, and a smart lock. The camera features 2K resolution with PIR and radar and auto movement detection. You can setup customized notifications and store is local so you never have to pay any monthly fees. The smart lock gives you many options to unlock including voice, keypad, fast 0.3 second fingerprint scanner, and even physical keys. It works wirelessly over wife and a reachable battery, making setup up very easy. It comes with a chime that also doubles as local storage of recorded video.

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