Annual Membership to CardPointers for $35, Lifetime Membership w/ $100 Travel Savings Card for $99

CardPointers is offering is offering their Annual CardPointers Pro Membership for $35 (regularly $50) and Lifetime Membership with $100 Travel Savings Card for $99 (regularly $150) for a limited time. I’ve used CardPointers for a while and really like their app and extensions. It helps you manage your credit cards and lets you know which card is best to use at a specific retailer to maximize your rewards and cash back. Their tool to easily help you activate multiple Amex and Chase offers with one click save me so much time. If you have a bunch of credit cards and find it troublesome to manage, this can be helpful for you.

This offer is ment for 9to5Mac Fans but it seems anyone can partake as many readers have sent it in. The $100 Travel Savings Card with the lifetime membership is like a discount card, mostly on hotels. I’ve never used the savings card but it seems some have been able to find value out of it.

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