Ionvac SmartClean V4 Self Emptying Robot Vacuum w/ Home Map Cleaning Report for $98

Walmart has the Ionvac SmartClean V4 – Self Emptying Robot Vacuum with Home Map Cleaning Report for $98 (regularly $199) with Free Shipping for a limited time.

The ionvac SmartClean V4 is a smart robot vacuum that uses mapping technology for a more efficient clean! It travels through living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens and more to deliver a clean that’s hassle-free and stays out of your way. It can easily navigate from hardwood to rugs and carpet with gripping “Floor Wheel Drive” traction wheels. The vacuum’s side brushes pull dirt and debris into the suction area; the roller brush captures even the smallest particles; and the powerful suction vent draws dirt, dust, and debris into a large dustbin. Once the dustbin is full, the SmartClean V4 will automatically empty it into the dust bag within the charging dock, which can store up to 30 days’ worth of dust and dirt! The SmartClean V4 uses smart auto cleaning and charging for even further hassle-free cleaning, while its sensors help keep it on track. You can control the SmartClean V4 using the tzumi Smart Home App (or included remote) to select different cleaning modes. Select from Auto clean, the default cleaning method that uses smart path navigation; Manual clean, which allows you to control the cleaning; Spot clean, which circles around targeted spots; Local clean, which cleans in a general area; Edge clean, in which the SmartClean V4 will clean edges of a room; and Random clean, which works best in areas with dark carpeting—keeping the SmartClean V4 where you want it, and never where you don’t.

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