Meet Philip Glass at Apple Store SoHo – 1/21/2010 / 7-8PM

Tomorrow, January 21, 2010, from 7-8PM, Join legendary composer Philip Glass for a series of performances with guests Ira Glass, Wendy Sutter, and the Glass Chamber Players at the Apple Store, SoHo. The Apple Store is located at 103 Prince Street New York City, NY 10012. 212-226-3126.

Philip Glass was unquestionably among the most innovative and influential composers of the 20th century. Postmodern music’s most celebrated and high-profile proponent, his myriad orchestral works, operas, film scores, and dance pieces proved essential to the development of ambient and new age sounds, and his fusions of Western and world musics were among the earliest and most successful global experiments of their kind.

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