One Year Subscription to Oxygen Magazine for FREE

oxygenmagazineMercury Magazines is offering a one year subscription to Oxygen Magazine for FREE ($25 value) for a limited time.

Oxygen magazine is one of the leading women’s health and fitness publications on the market. With a strong focus on empowering women to make healthy choices, the topics covered within its pages exude an uplifting, inspirational theme that educates and informs, even as it entertains. From exercises that target common problem areas to intense boot-camp style workouts, from tips for eliminating stress to ideas for boosting their immune systems, each issue presents readers with the tools they need to lead healthy, balanced lives.

Oxygen magazine shines a spotlight on regular women and celebrities who’ve made positive lifestyle changes. Its photo spreads provide aspirational models, while the success stories show readers that such changes are possible for anyone. The magazine’s fitness articles offer clear visuals, with easy-to-follow instructions and tips for making the most out of your workout. With features that range from training techniques for developing a stronger core to relaxing stretches and yoga routines, Oxygen magazine provides women of all fitness levels with the motivation and inspiration they need to start (or continue) working out.

Oxygen magazine also offers delicious recipes that encourage healthy eating. Fitness doesn’t stop with working out, and this magazine shows you what foods will increase your energy and help you lose weight. Are your food choices limited by the money you have to spend? Tosca Reno’s monthly column offers you expert advice on eating better on a budget, showing you cheap, fresh alternatives that give you the nutrition you need.

Whether you’re healthy already or you’re working to get there, a subscription to Oxygen magazine gives you the knowledge you need to lead an energy-filled, stress-free life.

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