FREE WiFi smartAC Kit for ConEd NYC Customer

Con Edison in partnership with ThinkEco is offering up to 2 WiFi smartAC Kits for FREE (regularly $139.99 each) through the Cool NYC Program for a limited time. To get this deal, opt to try the smartAC Kit and they will let you keep it Free of charge if you connect it and use it for a minimum of 3 Cool NYC Events. It Ships for Free. If you do not connect it within 20 days of receiving it or participate in a minimum of 3 events, you must ship it back with the provided prepaid shipping label.

The Cool NYC Program is were thousands of New Yorkers are working together to ensure the reliability of NYC’s electric grid. When you join coolNYC, which is Free, you can control your AC from anywhere and earn coolPoints through your participation in coolNYC Events. During a coolNYC Event, you temporarily reduce your AC’s energy use when the electricity grid is under strain.

By connecting to the coolNYC platform through a Wi-Fi enabled AC or smartAC kit, you will be able to participate in coolNYC Events, which occur during times of high electricity usage and typically coincide with very hot days.

During a coolNYC Event, the coolNYC program may turn your AC on and off periodically or change your AC to a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce power usage. Events typically last for 4 hours and usually occur between 3 and 5 times per summer. You will receive notifications based on your preferences in advance of each event.

By participating, you are doing your part to ensure the reliability of NYC’s electric grid. You will earn rewards and have opportunities to win prizes for your participation!

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