Plume WiFi Superpod Mesh Router & 1 Year of Service for FREE

Plume is offering its WiFi Superpod with Motion Detection and 1 year of service for FREE (regularly $99/year) for a limited time. Plume’s SuperPods as a mesh network and one Pod is recommended for spaces the size of a studio but I’ve used it in a one-bedroom apartment (850 sq ft) and it provides adequate coverage. The one SuperPod is Free to keep but the Plume membership is only Free for the first year. It renews at $99/year so be sure to cancel if you want o avoid being charge and don’t wish to continue using the service. The SuperPod without membership will still continue to function as a basic network router.

Plume is a mesh WiFi networking system. It couples hardware with their membership service to provide seamless wireless connectivity, advanced network security, personalized controls, and all-new motion detection. The membership service includes Adaptive WiFi that continuously learns about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most. It has AI Security monitors real-time threats and protects against emerging cyberthreats. HomePass allows for advance parental and guest access controls. And with Pure Motion, your SuperPod can detect movement in your home and can alert when an unknown person is detected in your home, adding security without extra equipment.

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