Protect Your Business While On Lockdown w/ 3-Months of Kangaroo Security w/ Professional Monitoring Service for FREE

Kangaroo is offering small businesses a FREE and immediate security to aid with the lockdown and other impacts due to COVID-19 for a limited time. They will lend small business owners with a FREE security kit, security camera, and provide Kangaroo Complete premium service with professional monitoring for three months.

The kit is designed for easy self-installation and the system can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone. After three months, simply return the kit. Kangaroo will cover both outbound and return shipping. There is an $80 deposit to receive the kit but it’s fully refunded to you when the kit is returned. This is to prevent fraudulent activity. You will also have the option to continue the service, which is solely at your discretion. If you choose to continue the service, the $80 deposit can be converted to cover all hardware costs and continuation of Kangaroo Complete service for the next 9 months. They have also partnered with Staples

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