FREE Unlimited Line of Service for Existing Sprint Customers

Sprint is offering existing customers a FREE Unlimited line of service for a limited time. To qualifying, you must be a Sprint customer prior to June 17, 2020, have an eligible Sprint plan, have at least one active voice line, and are eligible to add a line of service on your account. The Free Unlimited Line On Us includes Unlimited data, talk, and text w/ International text and data + DVD-quality SD video streaming (480p). The monthly service plan charge for the line will remain at $0/month for the life of the line but you are still required to pay the standard fees and taxes (usually a few dollars) and you must to keep all current phone lines on your account active through June 30, 2021. Any modifications to your account, such as canceling an existing line, changing plans on your account, or transferring lines to another account may make you ineligible to continue receiving the Unlimited Line On Us Plan.

T-Mobile is also a similar deal but it’s open to new and existing customers and requires 2 lines of service before they can give a line for FREE. For existing customers, you must be on one of their qualifying plans to get this offer. More details can be found in our original post.

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