FREE Line of Service for New & Existing T-Mobile Customers, $100 w/ Line Port-In

T-Mobile is offering new and existing customers a FREE line of service for a limited time. To qualifying, existing customers must have 2 or more lines and for new customers, they must add 2 lines with the 3rd being Free. For existing customers, you must be on one of their qualifying plans to get this offer. Those plans including Simple Choice, ONE, and Magenta. Exclusions will apply, including discounted plans (military, first responder, 55+ and T-Mobile ONE All-In Promo plans) not being eligible. Also, not all Simple Choice plans qualify. Taxes and fees may apply depending on your existing plan. This may include a SIM or activation fee, which could be possibly be waived later. To get this offer, contact T-Mobile customer support online (through their app, texting 611 on a T-Mobile phone, T-Force FB Messenger or Twitter) or through the phone and ask if your plan qualifies. The Free line will be provided in the form of monthly bill credits and they will end if you cancel any lines.

This free line does NOT stack with the iPhone “On Us”, Free smartphone w/AAL, iPhone BOGO, $950 off iPhone 12 Pro, and $99 Galaxy S20 FE promotions. It WILL stack with other promos like the FREE Pixel 4a 5G with trade-in. Attempting to get one of the ineligible phone promos with the Free line offer will only result in you getting their system defaulting to the phone promo and you be stuck with a regular paid line.

T-Mobile is also offering a FREE $100 Prepaid Mastercard when you bring your own device (BYOD), activate a new line of service, and port in a number for a limited time. To get his deal: activate a new line of service by porting in a number from a qualifying US wireless carrier, then register for your rebate here with the promo code: 2020SWITCHP2. You must complete 30 days of activation. This offer works with the Free line activation mention above.

Source: Reddit

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