$10 Credit Per Month w/ CVS CarePass, Try for FREE

CVS has has a membership program called CarePass that cost $48/year and it offers a host of benefits that may be worth it for some of you out there. Although CarePass is not new, I finally got a chance to try it out and I found it pretty interesting and easily worth the money if make one or two trips to CVS a month. It’s FREE to try for a month.

The reason why I decided to try it was because I need some RX delivered and with CarePass they would drop it off the same day for Free. They also offer Free 1-2 day delivery of everything else they sell in the store. The reason why I think this pass is a no brainer is the inclusion of a $10 credit every month, that’s basically $120 worth of credits for $48. There are are limitations that come with the credit. It must be used by the expiration date so there’s no carrying over to the next month and it can’t be used on things like sale tax, alcohol, gift cards, etc. Most things tend to be pricer at CVS but they are convenient if you live near one and they have weekly sales that makes some items very competitive. The membership also includes 20% off CVS branded health products and access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline. All benefits are ExtraCare account.

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