Prime Only: Trade-In Any Echo for Amazon Credit & 25% Off Any New Echo, Echo Shows (2nd Gen) for $102.49

Amazon is offering Prime Members 25% off on any current generation Echo devices and an Amazon Credit when you Trade-In a qualifying Echo device or speaker for a limited time. The amount of Amazon Promotional Credit depends on the device being traded in. For example, a working 3rd gen Amazon Echo dot gets $5. The credit is automatically applied to your gift card balance. A Free shipping label is provided and you must ship the trade-in device by the date listed in the email received regarding your trade-in submission. Most accounts are eligible for instant trade-in where the 25% coupon and Amazon credit will be applied to your account instantly but if for some reason, Amazon requires to appraise your device before giving you the coupon and credit, it will be stated during the trade in process.

For Prime Day, Amazon is offering it’s Prime members these deals on Echos:

Amazon’s Prime Day deals are exclusively for Prime Members. If you are not a Prime member, Amazon is offering a 30-day Free trial.

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