Tally 55″ Dual Screen 4k Smart TV for FREE

Tally is offering their 55″ Dual Screen 4K Smart TV for FREE for a limited time. This is a new company created by a co-founder of Pluto TV that is offering their smart tv for Free in exchange for displaying non-intrusive ads on the lower “smart screen”. You will be required to share viewing data. If you turn this off, you must return the TV or pay $500 for it. It’s packed with features like a built-in 5-driver immersive sounder, camera with physical shutter for video calling and advanced motion-tracking fitness programs, built-in games, runs TallyOS with an AI-driven voice assistant as well as access to Android TV via dongle. This is not for me and might not be for a lot of readers but I’m sure there will some that will like this. You can reserve yours today and they have 500k units to start and will ship this summer.

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