Try T-Mobile Service FREE for 30-Days w/ Apple iPhone XS or Newer

T-Mobile offering non-T-Mobile Customers with an Apple iPhone XS or newer a FREE 30-Day Trial on their service for a limited time. There is no obligation to sign up for service and no credit card is required to try their service. To participate, download the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app from the Apple App Store. The app will check your phone for compatibility and will install T-Mobile network onto your available eSIM profile. When prompted, tap to Add Cellular Plan, which will be Free for 30 days or 30GB of LTE Data (whichever comes first) with Unlimited Talk and Text. You will be given a temporary phone number to use for the trial, which you can keep or change if you want to join T-Mobile. At the end of the trial, the T-Mobile eSIM profile will be deactivated and you can safely remove it. Limited to one trial per household, or if you are representing a business, one device per shipping address every six months.

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